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John Wanamaker was a successful American merchant and considered by some to be a pioneer in marketing. He opened one of the first department stores in the United States, which grew to 16 stores and eventually became part of Macy’s. After nearly a century his quote still rings true for many small businesses today.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Wanamaker would have loved to live in today’s world where he would be able to accurately measure the ROI of practically every single marketing activity and dollar spent.

Successful marketing is where science and art intersect to deliver superior results.


Merge Data & Creativity

The heart of our business is merging the creative thought process with analytics. We understand sometimes small businesses simply have to play rock, paper, scissors to decide which campaign to run. Without the proper knowledge, technology solutions or resources, trying to develop an effective marketing strategy can be impossible. We’ve been where you are. We can help.

Are your customersmarried?


Market Research

Do you know who your ideal customer is? What does your brand say about you? What age group, income or relationship status is your target customer? Instead of making assumptions we can collect this data, which will help you attract customers while keeping your customer acquisition rate (the cost of marketing and advertising) low by targeting the right people.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

We’ve provided a detailed explanation of some of the tactics that are involved during an SEO campaign in our web design section, because search engine optimization should be part of the creation of your website. For more information please watch this video.

SEO can take a few months until you see results, which is why a PPC (pay per click) search engine campaign should accompany an SEO strategy if you’re trying to increase the number of visitors to your website as soon as possible. We can handle both for you.

In addition to our standard SEO services we offer Local SEM (local search engine marketing) which means that if you offer a product or service to a few cities, we can focus additional SEO strategies directly to customers that live there. We’ll make sure that directories such as Yelp, Facebook Local and Google Maps are optimized to drive traffic to you.



Most people think branding is just your logo, your tagline and the colors you use. While that is part of it – that’s only the beginning. How do people feel when they think of your brand? Does your brand appeal to your target customer? Whether you are established or just getting started, going through a branding exercise can open up a world of information that can dramatically change your marketing strategy. If you are considering a branding change, you know that creativity is important – but if you are making decisions without the right data, you might as well be lost in space.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fancy term for writing for a specific outcome – and that outcome is to drive visitors to your site and convince them to become customers. Time is the number one issue most businesses face when they try to consistently write and promote relevant content. We have the resources to provide content in the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Website copy
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Video explainers

Having original content is important for customers, but also for search engines. Google and Bing will punish you when your website’s copy is too similar to another website. This means your website will be less likely to show up when visitors search for products and services that you offer.


Many services can do this for you, but there are two things that make us unique. All our content writers are in the United States and all our deliverables are 100% original. Every content piece is edited by professionals and is checked for similar content by using Copyscape.

Social Media Promotion

When businesses use social media to promote their products and services the goal is to create brand awareness and to convert interested people to customers. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have the time or the patience to research what they should post about or create the necessary graphics to attract people.

The average person will spend 5 years of their life on social media.

We can drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical office or we can send customers to download an app, fill out a form or visit your website.


Not all social media platforms speak to the same type of customer. While Facebook is the largest platform, Pinterest would be a great way to promote your handmade gloves or makeup bags since over 70% of its users are women. If you’re trying to attract employees or sales representatives then Linked In would be most appropriate. We’ll figure out the right strategy and implement it with very little involvement from you so you can concentrate on your business.

Google AdWords

Most people do not realize that Google AdWords is an auction based advertising platform. That means a small business that is selling shoes is going to compete against large conglomerates that have much deeper pockets. If a keyword becomes incredibly popular larger companies will spend more money to be placed higher than you. Once you bid higher they do the same, except they have a bigger budget than you.

80% of DIY AdWords campaigns lose money.

This is why 80% of DIY Google AdWords campaigns lose money. Small businesses typically do not have the knowledge or the resources to segment different types of audiences, monitor the results or review the analytics and make modifications which can dramatically reduce the cost of Google AdWords.


Google has made recent updates to focus on local personalization, which is perfect for businesses that serve a local market. By correctly analyzing lower cost keywords and customizing ads for specific localities we can reduce your costs and increase your conversion rate.

Facebook Advertising


Most businesses are familiar with search engine ads. When a customer types a certain keyword, websites that have paid Google or Bing will be prominently displayed on search result pages. While ads on search engines can be targeted by location, they cannot be targeted to the amazing amount of information Facebook collects on all its customers – yes, that includes you (and us). Does your product or service resonate more with single mothers? With the advanced features Facebook provides to advertising partners, we can target single mothers that are latino, own their own home, have a pet, are divorced and own their own business and we can create content that specifically speaks to them.

You are probably aware of the ability to Boost a Facebook post, but the real power of Facebook advertising is through the advanced Business Advertising Manager. We can advertise differently for different audiences. Some products and services work great for both men and women, but may appeal to men for different reasons than women. We can create specific advertisements that are only shown to a specific audience, track those results and make modifications to make your ads more cost effective. We can utilize age, sex, gender, location, relationship status, occupation, ethnicity and many more factors to specifically target your demographic.

Dynamic Retargeting

This may surprise you if you don’t live and breathe digital marketing like we do, but less than 5% of your visitors will become a customer. In fact, 5% is amazing. Many websites deliver a conversion rate under one percent. Watch our video to learn more about retargeting.

Even with the most user-friendly site, your conversion rate will not be greater than 5%.


We can target customers that are already interested in your offering on other websites and showcase the exact product or service they are interested in. If you haven’t watched the video yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now.

Strategy Consulting

There are many unique factors about your business. Sometimes, businesses need a marketing expert to part of the conversation and offer advice on strategy. You may think of marketing in a limited view with tasks such as increasing web traffic or creating advertisements, but we take a top down approach. Do customers understand your product? Do they think your product is too expensive? What do they think of your competitors?


We’ve helped companies change their entire business model, found niches where competitors cannot compete effectively and negotiated partnerships that took the business into a different stratosphere. Since we’re a Connecticut company, our local clients love being able to sit down face to face and have an expert ad hoc or on a regular recurring basis. We also video conference with clients out of state.


Are there minor changes you can make to your product or service to attract a different type of customer?

Are you growing from a one-person-shop to a sales organization and need tools to help you grow?

Do you know what your customer acquisition cost is?

We can help you with these concerns and more.

Find out what we can do for you.

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Pricing for Marketing Services

In many cases a custom pricing quote based on your specific needs will be required, however we know sometimes you just want to know if you’re even in the ballpark.

Basic Survey6 market questions to understand your target demographic & their behavior. You'll receive our expert analysis and a detailed report.$500 for up to 200 users
Extended Survey15 market questions to understand your target demographic & their behavior. You'll receive our expert analysis and a detailed report.$1,000 for up to 200 users
Website specific user reviewYou will receive four in-depth 10 min. videos of your target demographic using your site. You'll also receive our expert report.$500 for 4 individual tests (more tests can be ordered)
Custom Qualitative Market ResearchPerfect for companies that are having issues growing. We can explore advertising, brand positioning, business to business products & services and customer satisfaction issues. > Contact Us
On Page SEOHTML coding to tell search engines what you offerIncluded in every website we build
SEO Analysis ReportA custom SEO report to evaluate your current SEO status and determinations on what you can do to improve your ranking$250
Monthly SEM/SEP servicesOff-site efforts to promote your website for up to 5 related keyword phrases$500/mo.
Local SEO Service (add-on to SEO services)Perfect for businesses that offer products and services to a specific city or region$100/mo.
Basic BrandingSimple logo design$500
Branding PackageLogo Design, animated logo with licensed sound$750
Advanced Branding PackageLogo Design, animated logo with licensed sound that has been selected based on the result of focus group testing of your target demographic. Once the design is chosen a free business card design will be provided.$2,000 (up to 8 people in your focus study)
Standard blog or articleSimple article up to 500 words mainly used for SEO purposes$80/ea.
Advanced blog or articleAn article up to 1,000 words used for magazine-type content that provides value and entertainment up to 1,000 words$200/ea.
Simple InfographicHigh-quality infographic with up to 10 data points. Includes research on topic, licensed artwork, and original design with a 10-day turnaround time.$800/ea.
Advanced InfographicPremium infographic with up to 25 data points researched with compelling creatives. Includes research on chosen topic, licensed artwork and original design with a 20-day turnaround time.$1,600/ea.
Video explainerA short 30 second to 2 minute video explaining your offering. Includes animation, stock videos and a professional voice over.$750
Custom Video ExplainerA short video between 30 seconds and 3 minutes explaining your offering including custom videography of you, your location or product with animation, stock videos and a professional voice over.Starts at $1,200
A weekly podcast to promote your offeringThis includes the content, a professional to record the audio, graphics, licensed audio and hosting$1,200/mo.
Basic social media promotion10 high-quality graphic posts every month tailored for your audience$500/mo.
Advanced social media promotion14 high-quality graphic posts every month tailored for your audience. Includes updated profile and cover images as needed$800/mo.
Basic Google AdWords ManagementCreate, manage & monitor your AdWords search network campaign. Includes keyword research to determine cost effectiveness (for AdWords budgets under $3,000 a month). Includes Google Analytics setup if required.$500/mo. ($150 setup fee)
Advanced Google AdWords ManagementCreate, manage & monitor your AdWords search network, display network and remarketing campaigns. Includes keyword research to determine cost effectiveness. Includes Google Analytics setup if required and the creation of up to 4 landing pages per month.$1,000/mo. ($300 setup fee)
Basic Facebook Ads ManagementCreate, manage & monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns. Includes basic demographic research to determine who should be targeted (for budgets under $3,000 a month). Includes retargeting campaigns once enough data has been captured.$500/mo. ($250 setup fee)
Advanced Facebook Ads Management with dynamic retargetingCreate, manage & monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns. Includes basic demographic research to determine who should be targeted. Includes retargeting campaigns once enough data has been captured, up to 4 landing pages per month and custom video with text and animations to stand out.$1,000/mo. ($500 setup fee)
Strategy ConsultingNeed a marketing expert to join your meeting or need a personal one-on-one strategy session? We can help.$100/hr.