Strategy Consulting

OpenCircle Wealth Partners is an independent, comprehensive wealth management firm. With over 250,000 financial advisors in the United States, prospective clients could not determine what separated OpenCircle Wealth Partners from other advisors. With the founder’s unique background in behavioral psychology and his experience being raised by a single mother, we chose a few select niche markets where the firm could separate themselves from competitors. We continue to work with them to execute the marketing plan while producing creative materials.

  • Smart Click has helped us develop a marketing strategy and a focus on specific demographics. They have delivered an updated website, SEO & analytics, market research, on-site marketing consultation, video production, and a social media strategy that has produced results.

    Alex Madlener MD, CFP
    Alex Madlener MD, CFP OpenCircle Wealth Partners

Website Design & Development

Move either arrow to see a side by side comparison of the original website and what we developed.

OpenCircle Wealth Partners is a comprehensive wealth management firm that enhances your wealth based on your financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk.

Graphic Design

We handle all OpenCircle Wealth’s graphic design needs. This includes business cards, powerpoint presentations, brochures – and just about anything else that they may need.

Video Production

Comprehensive wealth management is a difficult concept to explain. It’s even more difficult to build trust with someone which is necessary when you are asking to manage their money. We produced two videos for OpenCircle to help accomplish these goals. The first one introduces the founder and tells his personal story to help him connect to his target demographic.

The second video describes the difference between receiving comprehensive wealth management from a certified fiduciary versus obtaining financial management from a broker.

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