Strategy Consulting

Pet Playgrounds was already working with an SEO company to grow their visibility, but their sales were stagnant for 2 years. They wanted us to focus on SEO with their existing website and manage their social media campaigns, however during our first week of engagement we found issues with their business model that did not allow them to scale. We simultaneously worked on modifying their business model, branding, a new responsive website and multiple pay per click campaigns.

  • I first hired Smart Click to redesign my website. Little did I know how much more they could do. They rebranded the company, negotiated with vendors, and found new distribution channels that have helped Pet Playgrounds double revenue in 2015 and 2016. They now handle of our marketing needs.

    Victor Boemmels
    Victor Boemmels Pet Playgrounds

Business model correction

Pet Playgrounds sells and installs physical dog fences, which is an incredibly effective and humane alternative to underground invisible fences that rely on protecting your dog by using a shock collar. Their strategy was to focus on installation services instead of selling kits and having people install the kit themselves. This was not scalable and was a main reason for their stagnation. We proposed focusing on DIY kits and implemented the change by negotiating contracts with several local and nationwide installation companies. This allowed the founder, Victor Boemmels to focus on sales and R&D. This strategy contributed to doubling their revenue in the first year of engagement after 2 years of stagnant growth. We doubled their revenue again the next year and Pet Playgrounds is continuing to grow today.

User generated video

Pet Playgrounds DIY dog fence kits have become so popular that customers have shared their do-it-yourself videos organically.

Website Design & Development

Move either arrow to see a side by side comparison of the original website and what we developed.

Pet Playgrounds manufacturers and installs physical non-electric dog fence kits. They offer DIY dog fence kits and professional installation services nationwide.


The company was initially called Pet Playgroundz because the domain was not available during inception. We tracked down the owner and negotiated the price which allowed us to rebrand the company. Once the name changed, the next step was the logo. Under focus group testing we found that some people thought the original logo looked like a dog jumping over a fence – something that the product actively tries to prevent. We also needed to get away from the colors blue and black which did not represent a dog having fun.

Custom Website Development

One of the initial issues we noticed with the existing website was the lack of responsiveness. It was impossible to use the website on a phone or a tablet. We also created a custom shopping cart which allows customers to select many different options and get real time pricing quotes for materials and installation.

While Pet Playgrounds did engage an SEO expert prior to calling us, they never conducted a usability study. We found that customers called them to receive quotes and expected to receive formal proposals much like a traditional fencing company even though they sold their product online. Before, nearly 95% of all orders were processed manually after providing a formal quotation. Once we figured out what customers needed we were able to reduce that figure to 40%. That means 60% of customers go on the site and purchase without needing to speak to a sales representative. Formal quotes are no longer needed for residential customers. This has allowed Pet Playgrounds to focus on larger commercial projects.

Video Production

All graphic design and marketing needs are now handled by us. This includes all their video production needs. We have produced full installation videos, marketing videos that showcases the product, testimonial videos and videos specifically made for Facebook. Videos allow customers to imagine how their dog can run free without being on a leash – and they can see how the fence looks and works. Some of these videos are incredibly informative and others are fun but all help increase sales.

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