Research & Branding

RxOption needed more than a new logo. People were not able to understand what they were offering.  They wanted us to describe their offering in an easier way. We needed to understand the market, their competitors and what made them unique. Initially they represented themselves as an enterprise service. Since this was too complicated to quickly understand, we positioned them as creators of a mobile app.

  • We had 30 days to come up with a new website, new branding and a video to describe our product and Smart Click completed all of it for us. We tried to do it ourselves, but the results were not impressive and it was hard for employers to understand what benefits we could provide. Their two-minute video made it easy for anyone to understand what we do and how we can help employers save on their prescription drug costs.

    Mick Delargy
    Mick Delargy RX Option

Website Design & Development

Move either arrow to see a side by side comparison of the original website and what we developed.

Rx Option is a web and smartphone app that informs your employees which generic drugs they can use and where to buy them. Their savings become your savings.

Video Production

RxOption customizes their software based on the specific needs of an employer. By reviewing your current prescription costs, RxOption can determine how much can be saved. This is a difficult concept to explain with text, but with a quick two minute video this complex product with various benefits can easily be explained by just about anybody.

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