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Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry calls themselves a web developer. There are even companies that provide free template-based websites to help you get started. So, isn’t this enough? The short answer is: No.

You have 4 seconds before a customer leaves.

You’re not just competing with all your online competitors. You are competing for attention from everything else your customer is doing. It is rare that someone will give your website their undivided attention. How about you? Do you have other tabs open in your browser? Are you in a meeting (or watching TV) while you’re visiting this site on your phone?


Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets are now the primary way people experience your website. If your website doesn’t function properly on mobile devices you could be losing 75% of your potential visitors. If Google doesn’t detect your website as mobile-friendly, it will push you down in their search results and prioritize websites that do follow the new mobile-first standard.



Usability is based on a common-sense principle: If a website is difficult to use, people will leave. Makes sense, right? Your website should guide users how to learn about your offer and convince them to purchase. We have been students of Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., a pioneer in the study of web usability since 1999. The principles of simplicity, familiarity, consistency and guidance helps create a revenue generating website.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

By understanding the 200 unique factors that search engines use to determine your website’s page rank for a given keyword, we can increase your visibility. It does take about 3 months to start seeing results, which is why a PPC (pay per click) campaign should accompany an SEO strategy. Watch our video to learn more.

Search Engine Optimization A website that has been coded properly will tell search engines, like Google & Bing, what you offer instead of making them guess what you do. By doing this you can rank higher than your competitors for specific keywords. This will result in getting more visitors from search engines. Our SEO experts pay special attention to important items like keyword usage, term frequency and page segmentation to make sure you have every advantage from your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing/Placement Optimization focuses on your website, however SEM & SEP can use other websites to increase traffic to your own. For example, writing a guest blog post that links back to your site or joining a public directory and adding your website to its list can be part of a search engine marketing campaign.

Imagine you are shopping for shoes in a shopping mall. The first store displays shirts, microwaves, shoes, and computers. The second store displays shoes, socks and laces. Which store is more focused on shoes? Obviously, this is store no. 2 – and this is how content writing works too. Plainly speaking, the more content you have on your website that discuss the industry, product or service you are offering, the more search engines will consider you a relevant source when visitors search for that keyword. If you sell shoes you should be writing about shoes.

SEO Reports in Google Analytics Using Google Analytics we can investigate your impressions, clicks, average position and CTR (click-through rate) per keyword and tell you exactly what strategies are working and what strategies are not providing you with the results you want.

Retail (eCommerce)

Every online retailer is competing against another browser window. Competing on price and quality alone is not enough. Convenience can help build brand loyalty, which will lower your consumer acquisition cost, which in turn increases your profitability.

Can people find what they’re looking for and checkout easily? Can return shoppers come back and get relevant recommendations? These are only a few of the issues we can help you with.

Retail sites also require different technologies to be integrated to your website and your CRM (customer relationship management software) such as:

  • credit card processing
  • automated abandoned cart recovery
  • recommendation engine
  • inventory management
  • product search & filtering
  • shipping management
  • sales tax

If you can type an email, then you can update your content.

Content Management

Many businesses like restaurants and real estate agencies require weekly or even daily content updates. Depending on your needs we will provide a specific type of Content Management System. This will allow anyone to update content (such as property listings, food items or just the news) without any technical knowledge. We’ll deliver a platform that is incredibly user friendly. If you can type an email then you’ll be able to update your content.

Video Production

Original content is mandatory –  especially for search engines. Return visitors may read your words, but the vast majority of users will not. Take yourself as an example. How much of this site did you scroll through? We can produce custom video explainers or introductions that help you connect with your customer. These videos can be utilized on your website, YouTube, Facebook and other sources to gain visibility and explain your offering.

Find out what we can do for you.

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Web Design Pricing

In many cases a custom pricing quote based on your specific needs will be required, however we know sometimes you just want to know if you’re even in the ballpark.

One page responsive sitePerfect for an individual sales executive that needs to direct leads to his or her own site instead of a company website, but does not need a full corporate website$500
Corporate websiteA standard responsive website with a content management system$1,000
Website with custom featuresThere are many custom options available depending on your request > Contact Us
Retail website with 1-3 productsAn eCommerce website with PayPal, credit card processing and a content management systemStarts at $3,000
Advanced retail websiteThere are many custom options available depending on the type of product or service you are trying to sell. > Contact Us
Modifications to existing websiteCustom modifications to a Wordpress-based website you already have$100/hr.
User usability test & analysisYou will receive four in-depth 10 min. videos of your target demographic using your site. You'll also receive our expert report.$500 for 4 individual tests (more tests can be ordered)
Visual website analyticsVisually see how customers interact with your website, view heatmaps and observe failures visually instead of looking at a spreadsheet$99/mo.
Video ProductionA short 30 second to 2 minute video explaining your offering. Includes animation, stock videos and a professional voice over.$750
Custom Video ProductionA short video between 30 seconds and 3 minutes explaining your offering including custom videography of you, your location or product with animation, stock videos and a professional voice over.Starts at $1,200
On Page SEOHTML coding to tell search engines what you offerIncluded in every website we build
SEO Analysis ReportA custom SEO report to evaluate your current SEO status and determinations on what you can do to improve your ranking$250
Monthly SEM/SEP servicesOff-site efforts to promote your website for up to 5 related keyword phrases$500/mo.
Local SEO Service (add-on to normal SEO services)Perfect for those that target a specific city or region$100/mo.
HostingFast hosting with a content delivery network and daily backups$30/mo.